About Us

Artefacto is an exclusive high quality designed furniture store. If you are looking for creative and functional solutions for furnishing your living space, Artefacto service offers full support in its design and implementation.


Since 2005 Artefacto has been engaged in selling and delivering furniture, designing and decorating interior office and living space. While working with the best European furniture and design brands for many years, we have built the integrity and have gained the trust of customers who accept nothing but the best.

Guided by the philosophy to transform every living space into a new concept of life, we listen carefully to the needs and a stylish choice of those who live in that space. We select every piece of furniture, fabric or conceptual solution with sophisticated precision and creativity to suit your space and with one mission in mind - to provide quality service.

We offer exquisitely designed pieces of famous brands, together with our extensive experience in the world of interior design, that provide superior results much to satisfaction of the Artefacto team and its clients.


Our priority is to improve the quality of life of our clients through high quality projects and products. We strive to create a comfortable, safe, modern and beautiful environment by providing interior design, delivery and installation to service, even after finishing the project.


Each brand offered by Artefacto has its own distinctive style and philosophy, and we possess skills to apply it in "real life" and implement its aesthetic in a functional way. Our highly professional staff carefully listens to the demands and expectations of our customers and according to them, we improve their living space in a modern way.

Artefacto Team